Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Camping Birthday Party - Cake

Birthday's are exciting - you get to see all your friends and family, watch the joy on the kids faces as they play and open presents, and most of all, eat cake!!!
When attending a birthday party, I would say that the birthday cake is what I look most forward too, and it's not just sinking my teeth into that yummy, sugary frosting that gets me excited, it's the presentation.  Below is the cake that was made for our toddler's camping birthday party.

Cake By Kristen

In my research, I've come across some other people's fun camping desserts.

Kitchen Bliss

Sarah McHenry @

Icing Adventures

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Cakes By Kali

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Sandy's Creative Cakes

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Bump Smitten

Hope this inspires you to get creative for hosting your camping birthday party!

Vesna ♥ 

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